Take a tour through the universe of Thorvaldsens Museum. On the tours you follow paths through the museum’s collections and experience new links between works in the museum.

Crosscuts are guided tours through the digital universe of Thorvaldsens Museum. With a starting point in a particular theme, each tour goes through the museum’s collection of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s own works and his extensive collections of the paintings of his time, of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman objects and of the sculptures of other artists, his own medallions and personal objects etc. Thorvaldsen took a keen interest in his collections, and was often inspired by motifs or subjects from the artworks and ancient objects he had collected.

Many themes therefore cut across the museum’s many collections. Crosscuts are thus routes through the collections which point to connections among works that are not exhibited together, or which are in the museum’s stores.

The ancient myths

The ancient myths teem with gods, heroes and fantastic creatures. Take a tour among some of the many mythological motifs in the collections of Thorvaldsens Museum.

Many ancient myths deal with the great issues about which people have always speculated, for example the origin of the world, the nature of the divine, or war and love. This is why far later periods have also considered these tales of the world and its interconnections relevant, and throughout the ages the myths have been favourite subjects in art. This is reflected in many works in the Thorvaldsens Museum collections, and the tour takes you through Thorvaldsen’s private collection of antiquities, his own works and his collection of the works of other artists.

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The top of the body

Sculptures, masks, busts, paintings and ancient objects from Thorvaldsen’s collections. Everywhere there are heads that fascinate and surprise us and capture our imaginations.

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The fascination of Egypt

Ancient Egypt and its culture have fascinated people from antiquity until today. Bertel Thorvaldsen too was interested in the Egyptian past, and in the museum one finds his large, personal collection of Egyptian antiquities. Go exploring in the collection and experience the fascination of Egypt’s art and culture.

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