Gratierne og Amor CC0
Bertel Thorvaldsen
: Bertel (Albert, Alberto) Thorvaldsen
: 19.11.1770
: 24.03.1844
: dansk
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Cupid and the Graces, 1820-1823

Marble. 172,7 cm
Inventory number: A894

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The Graces are the daughters of Jupiter, and thus sisters, but they act as servants of the goddess of love, Venus, which explains the presence of the little Cupid playing the lyre at their feet: Cupid is Venus’ son. Over the centuries, the female trio has been attributed with various symbolical meanings, for instance “beauty, love and modesty”, “beauty, lust and satisfaction” or “beauty, charm and festiveness”. Together, however, they naturally personify what their name suggests: grace, that is to say gracefulness and beauty.