Venus. Romersk statuette CC0

Statuette of Venus.
Roman, 100 BC-100

Bronze. 9,2 cm
Inventory number: H2041

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The ancient myths Crosscuts

The reality of the myths

The myths of antiquity have fascinated and entertained people for millennia, but originally they were not just entertaining tales. In antiquity the mythological world and all its denizens were considered just as real as mankind’s own world, and it was imagined that the gods played an active part in the lives of mortals.

Gods and mythical events were popular subjects of the art of antiquity. This is why we know today how the people of antiquity imagined their gods. The great majority of gods were depicted in human form, and in accordance with human ideals, as is the case with this Roman statuette from Thorvald¬sen’s collection of antiquities, which shows the goddess of love, Venus (Greek Aphrodite).