Thorvaldsen's art – a click away

Bertel Thorvaldsen’s art is just a click away. You can now download photographs from Thorvaldsens Museum’s large art collection for educational purposes or to hang on the wall at home – quite free of charge.

In 1838 Denmark’s great sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, donated the original models for his sculp-tures and his extensive art collections to the city of his birth, Copenhagen. This formed the basis for the decision to build a museum to house all of it – Thorvaldsens Museum, Denmark’s first public museum building. Now, at Thorvaldsens Museum, we follow in the footsteps of the sculptor and make photographs of a wide range of artworks at the museum freely available to the public via our website. The idea is to increase public knowledge of the great Danish artist and his collection and to make the art accessible to more people.

Art for everyone

“Thorvaldsen gave the Copenhageners a great gift when he chose to donate his works to the city. It is quite in his spirit that the works can now be freely downloaded from our website, and I am sure that more people’s eyes will be opened to his fantastic works,” says museum director Stig Miss.

For many years at Thorvaldsens Museum Stig Miss has worked to maintain and expand know-ledge of Thorvaldsen’s art. In Thorvaldsen’s own time, when he lived in Rome, he was better known on the Continent than in Denmark. When he returned to Denmark in 1844 the Danes took him to their heart and made him very Danish. But for many years now we have been reinstating Thorvaldsen in the international history of art, and this has become very much easier with digital access to artworks and archives. Now the works have been made available to everyone in high-resolution photos.

The public domain

"Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Statue of Hope", Venus with the Apple and "Mercury about to Kill Argus" are some of the museum’s works that can now be downloaded, for example for educational purposes or just to have a beautiful picture on the wall back home. The photographs are at Thorvaldsens Museum’s website, where it is clearly indicated by a download link and a public domain icon, which of the artworks are in the public domain – and are thus free to use at no charge.

Find the works here and click download.